Collaboration is key to a circular economy.

We cannot shift from a linear economy to a circular, regenerative economy using the same thinking or business models. We know this. This is why Circular-Vision as a company has redesigned the conventional consulting model. We do not have an employee base. Rather we have an incredible pool of collaborators.

This means we can build a team specific to the needs of a project or an organisation. This ensures that we always pull the right people together who can provide expertise where required.

We have two leaders that pull teams together based in Africa and Australia. Ultimately, we live in a global village. We understand that decisions made in one location can often have an impact on another location. This is why we work on projects locally and internationally. 

Some of our Clients

Our Values

We have a vision to move beyond the linear economy to a circular, regenerative economy.

Our purpose is to provide the best expertise to realise our vision through the projects we take on.

We only work on projects we are passionate about.


Meet the chief collaborators of Circular Vision

Sally-Anne Käsner

Bonté Edwards


Transitioning to a circular economy requires a different approach and way of working. This is why we have a range of options to select for your specific project.

Ongoing Support

Our retainer service offers a unique opportunity to access ongoing expertise in the circular economy. With a set number of hours provided monthly, clients benefit from in-house, on-demand support tailored to their needs and objectives.

Project Specific

At Circular Vision, we understand that every project is unique. Our project-specific approach allows us to assemble dynamic teams to provide targeted solutions. Whether you require strategic guidance, action plans, or monitoring systems, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.


We believe in flexibility when it comes to driving positive change. If you’re serious about making a difference, let’s meet to discuss how Circular Vision can assist you. Our flexible approach ensures that we can adapt to your goals while meeting the needs of transitive change.

Curious about how we can assist you transition to circularity?