Our strategic consulting services focus on developing overarching strategies at the organizational level. By aligning with the principles of the circular economy, we help organizations pave the way for sustainable growth and innovation.


We offer comprehensive monitoring services to track the implementation phase of your circular economy strategies. Our monitoring solutions ensure that progress is measured effectively, allowing for timely adjustments and optimizations.


With a focus on results-driven outcomes, our measurement services provide valuable insights into the impact of your circular initiatives. By evaluating key metrics, we help you gauge the effectiveness of your strategies and identify areas for improvement.

Sectors and types of projects include:

For those with a bold vision and drive for change, we can assist to understand the whole picture and to prepare a dedicated circular economy focused strategy, plan and monitoring system for change. We have tools at our disposal, including the Circular Transition Indicators Tool and are recognized implementation partners (WBCSD CTI Tool). This is the most exciting work we do – although it is all cool!

Also referred to as RECP – particularly effective in manufacturing environments but can be used in all sectors. This is an assessment of the energy, water and materials used on a site to understand best intervention points for a more efficient system. This is often seen as a first step towards circularity interventions. We caution against focusing on one aspect, e.g. energy/carbon as these systems inter-relate, so one an intervention in one can impact or have unintended consequences in another system. We view them holistically.

Circular-Vision assists in the development and implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes, promoting accountability and sustainability in product lifecycle management.

This is a redesign of “conventional” integrated waste management strategies and plans and includes design, procurement, use, and management of materials. Simply put, a zero waste to landfill strategy. Sectors include hospitality, universities, sporting facilities, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

This is where things get a little messier! Understanding the waste stream profile of a company, event or local council presents a snapshot in time to identify where interventions can happen upstream. We have conducted waste characterisations for private companies, residential complexes and local councils. These are often then linked to the development of zero waste to landfill strategies.

Specifically compliance auditing, especially for waste management facilities. 

We have developed and conducted circular economy training for companies and industry associations. 

Other training also includes Integrated Waste Management and Waste Legislation.

We respond to research proposals and most collaborations have been packaging related, specifically plastic.

Additional offerings:

Bonté and Sally,  while at JG Afrika,  were the founding team of EcoStandard South Africa an Ecolabel for building products in South Africa. We are currently in process of developing a material and application specific ecolabel for a client.

Implementation partner for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Circular Transitions Indicator Tool (CTI) . This is a great way to start your circular journey using a comparable methodology across various organisations.

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