Jelmer Hoogzaad

Jelmer is a climate change mitigation and circular economy expert, supporting organisations with identifying and developing circular mitigation options. His systems’ or metabolic analysis places a company or jurisdiction in a broader system of material flows and stocks. Subsequent data visualisations support the development of a joint vision of a circular, low-carbon future, while an open dialogue between decision-makers allows them to define their own role in accelerating the transition.

He is one of the authors of the first editions of the annual Global Circularity Gap Reports, which concluded that the world is only 7.2% circular. He also supported the private sector and public administrations of Lao PDR, Vanuatu, The Gambia, the Dutch province of North Holland, the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan and Thua Thuen Hue province in Vietnam with a detailed metabolic analysis. Jelmer speaks Russian and has worked and lived for longer periods of time in Finland (6 months), Ukraine (9 months) and Kazakhstan (6 months).